PES-IUP Partnership

PES University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania have collaborated since 2005 to offer both the MBA and BBM/BBA/BS in Business degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

MBA Program

Over 650 alumni with successful careers and businesses in the US, INDIA, and every major region across the globe.

BBM/BBA/BS in Business

Accelerated 4 years full-time US program with a 3-year completion offer because of efficient scheduling of classes, including 2 years in India and 1 year in US.


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Cohort 10 Students Graduating from India

Curtains drawn on another year. Cohort 10 students graduating from India. Congratulations to each of you.

Celebrating the Graduation of Cohort 10

The curtains drawn again on another year. Hats flying in the air celebrating the graduation of cohort 10.