Associate Director,
PESIT South Campus, Pixel Park B 11th floor
Telephone: 080-66186402/403, +91 8453536991

Divyashree Ravishankar holds an MBA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She majored in marketing and minored in supply chain management. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Her technical background combined with management education has helped her pursue a career where she could leverage her skills in both technical and management fields.

During her tenure at IUP, Divya worked as a Graduate Assistant and provided comprehensive assistance in documentation for IUP’s AACSB accreditation maintenance. Working with IUP’s Director for the IUP/PES partnership, she was responsible for process improvement in several aspects of the IUP programs in India. She was honored by the Eberly College of Business and IT as the first international MBA student on the Eberly Student Gallery.

Before joining the PES-IUP team in India, she worked as a marketing intern in a company called UpwardlyMobile (UpMo) in San Jose, California. She was involved in all aspects of marketing in the start-up company. Her responsibilities included assistance in market research, advertising & promotion, and managing the CRM database. At UpMo she was recognized for her “detail-oriented work and pleasant demeanor”.

As the Program Manager at PES-IUP, Divya is responsible for the entire operation of the PES-IUP MBA program. Experience of working in a fast paced environment and able to quickly understanding the mission, vision and values of both the partner organizations helped her in developing and implementing the processes and strategies required for an international program to sustain and succeed. Divya’s close working relationship with the officials of the Graduate School, Registrar, and the Office of International Education at IUP has enriched the communication and enhanced the productivity of the PES-IUP partnership.

Right from the beginning, Divya has been incorporating several improvements in processes and infrastructure leading to enhanced experience for students and international faculty. In addition, she has instituted several new initiatives. To name a few: The Corporate Relations Meet, to build a bridge between the program and the corporate world leading to improved internship and placement opportunities for students; launching of a new and improved “VOICE,” the official magazine of the PES-IUP, which has enhanced the profile of the program; developed and implemented a 3-credit short term study course for international students “Discover India” showcasing the economy, business, and culture of India. This course has helped further enhance the global and cross-cultural experience of both Indian as well as international students. She was a part of the team that coordinated an international symposium in Mauritius in 2011 and the key person from the Program who organized a symposium in Germany and France in 2012.

She has expertise in processes development and marketing strategies. In addition to her administrative expertise, Divya has taught courses in areas such as principles of management and basic business communication. She has been training students in pedagogical and online learning management tools. She also plays a role of advising the students on academic and career aspects while being an image consultant for students.

She has presented coauthored empirical papers pertaining to key success factors and competitive analysis of U.S. MBA in two conferences—one in India and one in the American Society for Competitiveness conference held at Washington D.C.

Travelling internationally has kept her versatile and open minded. She has an elite combination of both Western education and Indian upbringing which contributes to her distinctive personality. She is a unique blend of capability, credibility and commitment. Divya always believes in continuous improvement and lives by the famous quote “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”