Third Annual International Symposium
The European Union: Business, Economy and Culture

The Third Annual International Symposium of the PES-IUP MBA Program–The European Union: Business, Economy and Culture was held in Europe. It involved travel to four countries in the heart of the Euro Zone (Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands).

The symposium was designed not only to provide the students a global educational experience but also to expose them to the rich culture and economy of a vibrant continent. The main objective of this symposium was to expose the students to: a) the current issues in the EU, b) the ways in which companies function in Europe and c) the characteristics of intercultural business environment across the continent.

This Symposium gave the students an understanding of the diversity of European business cultures and management styles. It provided them an interconnected focus on the state of the European Union, its economies, societies, businesses, ethics and corporate social responsibility, marketing pressures, and aspects of multicultural team development. Comprehensive interaction with the top management from several companies and university personnel created a strong learning environment.

Students also had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful tourist attractions of Paris–Eiffel Tower to Louvre Museum.